Miss Gina's Preschool


Policies and Procedures

School Closing Policy:
We adhere to the Cuyahoga Falls School District closing schedule. We will, however, open for childcare if requested by at least 10 families. To request we open for childcare, you must contact us BY 6:30 AM.

  • School closings will be communicated:
    • Fox 8 News (you can go online and be directly text when we are closed)
    • Via our Website (www.missginaspreschool.com)
    • Via our Facebook Page (search Miss Gina’s Preschool and Parent Involvement Center- look for children with balloons and colored pages)
    • Via email
    • Via Phone Message
  • The Center will open for child care on these if 10 or more families request that we do so. Call or text Miss Gina (330-990-0903) by 6:30 am that morning in order to reserve your spot for child care.
  • Full day rates apply ($35/day) in addition to your monthly payments – no half day rates are given for child care days.

Illness Policy:
The administration will call you if your child:

  • appears to have a communicable disease
  • has a temperature of 100 degrees of higher
  • has a sever cough
  • has redness of eyes or discharge
  • has vomiting or diarrhea
  • has head lice or nits in their hair

Students can not return until they have been free of symptoms for 24 hours. Teachers will use their discretion when releasing a child from class. Parents will be notified immediately and child will be isolated in the rest bathroom with teacher supervision.

In an emergency, 9-1-1 will be called before contacting the family. All teachers are certified in First Aid, CPR, and communicable disease.

Peanut Policy: 
We allow children to pack peanut products for snack and lunch. We have a peanut-free table that children will sit at if they have peanut allergies or sensitivity. Other students who are enjoying peanut-free snacks or meals will join them when eating.

No Shoe Policy:
We have found that our carpets stay cleaner and the children are healthier if we remove our shoes upon entering the building. The staff and children can wear either slippers (which can be kept at the school) or socks. They will put their shoes on go outside to play.

Hand-Washing Policy:
All children wash their hands when they enter our center and as they leave each day. We will also wash our hands before we eat, during “messy time”, and when we come back into the center from outside play.

Lunch Policy: 
We encourage families to provide lunches that include a protein, a veggie or fruit, and dairy item.  We serve milk and or juice.  We warm and prepare any foods needed (e.g. mac and cheese, leftovers, soups etc). Foods that are not included will be supplemented by school.