Miss Gina's Preschool

Reading Bags

Reading bags during these months are to encourage families to build that relationship between school and home. Reading these chosen books by your child gives them the opportunity to share what they picked and come back to tell us about it at school. This is instrumental in building the concept of homework and also fostering social skills in verbal communication, creativity, and the beginning stages of reading foundation.
Reading bags are designed to encourage the foundation of reading, phonetic comprehension, and whole language. Reading bags contain your child’s reading book and or flash cards of letters, whole language site words, and other reading builder activities.  Your child will be placed in a group that will help them be challenged as well as feel confident and successful. These bags remain at school and only go home for review and return. Please do not keep these bags at home, your child will it in class daily.

Reading bags are to be shared with families in the evenings and over weekends. Parents should sign the paper in the bag stating they worked on the assignment. If they do not receive new material the next week it is because we feel that an additional week of practice is needed.