Miss Gina's Preschool


Our Philosophy

It is our belief that children learn best in a group of supportive friends and teachers. We believe that when engaging children with pictures so that they begin identifying them with words it encourages the mastering of the foundation of reading including phonetics, comprehension of letters, and words.  As they progress into this stage, higher levels will be introduced so that they learn words without aid from pictures.

Sight words will be introduced and children can practice.  Many times children that have not learned all their letters and still can begin reading words.  Whole language is important, however, knowing the letter and sound is crucial to success in early reading.  Practice with memory games and other flash card games, and rewarding your child with positive reinforcement in words and small actions.  We will also put surprises in their reading bags to show how proud we are of their accomplishments.

While the success rate of our students learning to read while at MGP is high, the main focus is not to ensure that they can read by the time they move on. Most importantly, we want to ensure that they love to read and are not afraid of the challenges that reading and comprehension can bring.

MGP offers a variety of programs and schedules to fit the needs of all families. During the school year we offer Preschool, Pre-K and School-age programs, as well as Before and After Care. And for those families who are interested, MGP offers an extensive, fun-filled Summer Program.