Miss Gina's Preschool

Summer Registration 2023:
Animal Kingdom and exploration camps. Learning about jungles, rain-forests, farms, pets and much more. Class pets and along with incubation of eggs. Animal workouts each day with yoga and daily runs, walks and fun. Field trips to the museum, zoo, pet stores, Seiberling, and the Hatch Farm. SO MUCH FUN PLANNED! Field trips to be announced with separate forms, requirements, and costs. Children leaving the building on trips must be going into Kindergarten and school age. Many visitors will be coming in as well as animal centers with pets for us to take care of daily. Our building will have actual farms, jungles, and sea rooms.

No summer registration fee required.
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Childs name:________________bdate:_____
Parents name:___________email:__________
Days ( circle) M T W TH F
TILL 3 OR aftercare:________circle
ALL DAY OR ½ DAY_________________
Schoolage students (going into first grade-eighth) are required to sign up for 3 plus days. No drop in or half day admission this summer. Group will be small and full time is encouraged.)
Admin/Care plan needed: yes or no
Vacation dates (if known:)_________________
1/2 day price is 20 (less than 4/25 hours)
7-3 $30 per day
7-5:30 or anytime after 3 is $45.00 per day. No scholarships are offered in summer camps. Only sibling discounts.
2 Siblings for 3:00 is 54
2 Siblings till after 3 is 72
room costs to be announced. You will receive a 10% discount if you have 2 children in center Field trips (separate costs)
TODDLER/ INFANT WILL announce if openings. At this time, the waiting list is taking spots but info will follow